Superzone Planning!

Superzones are an area of 400m radius around secondary schools in which action is taken to protect young people’s health and encourage healthy behaviours through targeted intervention. Chace have been chosen to be a pilot school for this initiative.

The student council welcomed Ailbhe and Marghe from the Enfield Public Health department and Mr. Bruton, the Headteacher for a working lunch this week to discuss this issue. The student council shared their priorities and gave valuable feedback about ways in which the initiative could be implemented.

The Book Bus!

The top deck of a purple bus was transformed into a mobile showroom stocking over 1000 books. Year 7’s had the opportunity to visit the bus and were able to place an order for the books they wanted to purchase. It was a fun day that sparked conversations around re-creating and modernising a culture of reading. Thank you to all the Year 7’s for their perfect behaviour and the staff from Browns books for Students who travelled such a long way to be with us!


IMG_3347 IMG_3356 IMG_3365



Ben Kinsella Trust

At the end of the summer term, the student council arranged for a non-uniform day. The money was donated to the Ben Kinsella Trust. We raised £636. The money raised has allowed the trust to provide three more anti-knife workshops which will educate 90 more young people about the dangers of carrying a knife.

The next non-uniform day will be at the end of this term and the student council will be asking the student body which charity we should support next.

Vets Trip!

Budding Vets!

We took 26 KS3 pupils to a VIP tour of the potters bar campus, there was a real personal touch as we met two 3rd year Vets who were inspiring and we all learnt loads including Mr. Levi and I!

We have been building this relationship and we will continue to foster this to give the best opportunities to our students at all abilities.

Thanks to all the staff who made this happen, especially Dr. Grace Macintosh and Stuart Patterson who have helped develop the programme with Chace.

Time to Sinh

Chace Year 13 Further Maths students hard at work on a study day during half term. They were learning about Polar Co-ordinates and Hyperbolic Functions. Polar co-ordinates are the 2D version of the spherical co-ordinate system used in GPS. Hyperbolic functions have many applications in Physics and Engineering including modelling the properties of hanging cables such as those between electric pylons.