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    Literacy and the Chace Reading Strategy


    Chace Literacy principles

    • Our written work reflects our best effort.
    • We understand, use and can explain key subject vocabulary.
    • We all use standard English in the classroom.
    • We all read regularly.

    The importance of literacy

    Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak and listen in a way that lets us communicate effectively and make sense of the world.

    Improved literacy leads to better employment opportunities, health, well-being and even life expectancy. The average reading age needed for GCSE material is 15.7.

    The best and easiest way to improve literacy skills is through reading.

    Reading just 20 mins a day means reading over one million words per year. 

    Reading for learning

    Research has identified the acquisition of vocabulary in subject areas as key to improving literacy. Subject- based texts contain the words and structures that students need to learn to use themselves. They act as models.

    Subjects therefore devote dedicated reading time each week to reading. The teacher reads the chosen text aloud to students to model fluency. New vocabulary is taught and the text is discussed.

    Literacy in form time

    Each form will spend at least one full registration time per week reading. In addition students read during afternoon registration.


    The library is used by KS3 students in library lessons. It is also open for all students at breaktime, lunch and after school to borrow books, read, use the computers and study.

    Here is an overview of our reading strategy for 2021/2022:

    If you have any queries about our strategy, please email Barbara Terziyski at