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    Student Contract

    As a student in the Sixth Form at Chace Community School, you are 

    Entitled to:

    • An agreed two-year course of study (one year if you are on a Level 2 course) with substantial, well-prepared teacher input.
    • Regular feedback on performance related to your target grades or levels.
    • Support and encouragement from a personal tutor.
    • Access to a range of facilities to enhance your studies, including a common room, a quiet study room, a computer suite and the library.
    • Opportunities for enrichment and personal development.
    • Support with the next steps of your life, including application to university.
    • Join the Post-16 Committee and/or Student Council.

    In return, we ask you to:

    • Recognise that you are an important part of the school and to behave and dress in a way which acts as a role model to younger students.
    • Treat all members of our school community with courtesy and respect.
    • Try to make a positive contribution to the life of the Sixth Form and the school.
    • Meet the specific requirements set out below.

    Specific requirements:

    • Swipe in with your ID badge when you enter the building and swipe out when leaving.
    • Daily registration in Tutor Groups unless specifically excused beforehand or ill (in which case parents should inform the school on the first day of absence).  This is a legal requirement.
    • Attend all timetabled lessons, Key Skills and assemblies unless prior permission for absence has been obtained. This includes enrichment on Monday from 3.20 pm – 4.20 pm.
    • Complete the work to the expected standard and hand it in on time.
    • Work effectively in study periods using the facilities provided.
    • Wear your lanyard and ID badge at all times – this is an important security requirement.
    • Respect the Sixth Form facilities by not littering and keeping it tidy, so that it remains a positive learning environment.
    • Complete 20 hours of voluntary work during years 12 and 13.
    • Attend all intervention that has been planned by your teachers or the Sixth Form Team.
    • Adhere to the dress code
    • Carry out your chosen voluntary duty effectively.

    ID Badges

    Sixth Form students are issued with ID badges at the start of the course.  These must be worn at all times.  Students will be sent home to collect badges if they are forgotten.

    Leaving the School Site

    Year 12 are allowed to leave the site at 12.50 pm after afternoon registration, whilst Year 13 only have to be in school when they have lessons, unless other arrangements are made at the discretion of the sixth form team. Sixth Form students are not allowed to leave the school site during break time. All students must swipe their card whenever entering or leaving the building. This is essential for health and safety reasons.

    Dress Code

    Whilst we do not have a uniform in the Sixth Form, we do expect students to adhere to our Dress Code.  The Dress Code reflects our working and learning environment and also that Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school who are in uniform.