Admissions and Transition


Chace is a popular school with an intake of 224 students into year 7.

We have a well established and flourishing Sixth Form, with increasing numbers of Chace students going on to further and higher education.

If there are more applications than places available, priority will be given to applicants in the following order: Students with special educational needs whose statement (under Section 324 of the 1996 Education Act) specifies that placement at a particular school is appropriate.

Students in public care or students for whom a particular school is considered by the Local Authority to be appropriate on genuine medical grounds. Such applications will be decided by the Director of Education, Children’s Services or his/her representative. (Applications on medical grounds will only be considered under this criteria if they are supported by an attached written statement from a doctor. This must demonstrate that there is a very specific connection between the students medical need and the school requested.

Applications in relation to looked after students require a supporting statement from a relevant professional outlining the need for a particular school). Students with a brother or sister attending the school at the time of admission (the students must be living at the same address.) students genuinely resident withing Chace Community School’s designated priority zone see below for the names of the roads included in the zone:

Ash Ride, Golf Ride, Beech Avenue, Rosewood Drive, Beggars Hollow, Rossendale Close, Burnt Farm Ride, Strayfield Road, Cattlegate Road, Theobalds Park Road, Clay Hills up to Nos 180 and 181 , Tingeys Top Lane, Cypress Avenue, Whitewebbs Road, East Lodge Lane, Wroxham Gardens, Flash Lane

Students living nearest to the school measured ‘as the crow flies’, that is in a straight line from the students home to the main entrance of the school (travel by private car or public transport is not taken into account).

The distance has been as follows : 2012 – 1.2.18 (7 successful appeals); 2013 – 1.464 (2 successful appeals); 2014 -1.625 (3 successful appeals); 2015 – 1.388 (2 successful appeals).

When it is not possible to admit all applicants to a particular school within any criterion, priority for the places available will be measured ‘as the crow flies’. The criteria relating to the priority zone will no longer be in existence from the November following the transfer from Primary to Secondary School.

For primary to secondary transfer, sibling priority will only be given where the older sibling will still be attending the school in the September that the younger student joins.

In exceptional circumstances, the Local Authority may override the admissions criteria in order to protect the interests of vulnerable students or those with challenging behaviour, as detailed in the Local Authority’s secondary inclusion protocol. Details are available in the booklet ‘Your Guide to Secondary Schools in Enfield’ produced by the Enfield Schools Admission Service.

They can be contacted on 020 8379 5501 or email
Post 16 admissions are explained in the 6th form prospectus which can be found within the ‘Sixth Form’ section of the website.

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