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Royal Opera House Trip

The Library teamed up with the Music Department to take a group of students to see The Monstrous Child at The Royal Opera House. This trip allowed students to explore the link between literature music and sparked plenty of discussion. Thank you to the students for being so wonderfully behaved and thank you for the members of staff who made this trip a success.

Drama Trip ‘The Cane’

The Drama department took GCSE and A-Level students to see ‘The Cane’ at the Royal Court Theatre. An exciting new play by Mark Ravenhill that explored how teachers of the past had previously used the cane on students and the lasting effects this had upon them. Students were captivated by the outstanding performances by the three actors and the ever impressive and extending set used.

“… thoroughly enjoyed it. I was impressed by their dramatic skills. I’ve loved all the drama trips and look forward to the next one.” 
Alanna, Year 11
Ebony, Year 11
“…I thought it was really good. The actors impressed me with their range of emotions.”  
Lola, Year 11
“I really enjoyed ‘The Cane’ as I was extremely impressed by the actors’ performance and the tension built throughout the piece and the plot twists shocked me!” 
Kerstje, Year 11
“Found it incredible. the story line was amazing. I thought the actors skills were amazing. I’ve loved all the drama trips i have been on.” 
Zoe, Year 11
“I found it to be very entertaining! the actors displayed the characters well and i was very impressed by it!”
Nathan, Year 11.

Published Young Writers

Chace Library recently entered students into various writing competitions. Our Librarian has set up workshops to help students with poems as well as short stories that are based on chosen human rights issues. We are proud of the following students as their work has now been published nationwide.

We look forward to entering our aspiring writers into new competitions and events.

Sheep Dissection

This week our unsqueamish Year 12 Biology students dissected a sheep head. During the A level Biology course students learn about role of the nervous system in relation to homoeostasis, this hands on experience allowed them to identify key anatomical structures.

Old Skool Disco Tickets!


Click here to purchase tickets -> Buy tickets for Chace Association

Dear parents and carers,

We can all do with a night out and going back to the good old Skool days!
Come and join us going back in time while raising money for the school.

Tickets are now on sale for the Old Skool disco. Invite your friends and buy your tickets. For this evening only, school uniform is optional.

We are looking forward to see you on the 2nd of February 2019.


Chace PTA

School Play Information

Please note that on Monday 26th November there is an all-day rehearsal for the school play. Students involved across the year groups will be needed P1-6. They will attend morning registration as usual. A cast list will be displayed in the staff room and students will be made aware that they need to catch up on any work missed. And! The school play is on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th November at 6pm in the Drama Studios. Please do come along and show your support for another fantastic cast of young talent! Tickets will be sold in the Drama Office and in the LRC for £1 with all proceeds going to charity.

Thanks for you support and understanding! Ali and Team Drama 🙂

Superzone Planning!

Superzones are an area of 400m radius around secondary schools in which action is taken to protect young people’s health and encourage healthy behaviours through targeted intervention. Chace have been chosen to be a pilot school for this initiative.

The student council welcomed Ailbhe and Marghe from the Enfield Public Health department and Mr. Bruton, the Headteacher for a working lunch this week to discuss this issue. The student council shared their priorities and gave valuable feedback about ways in which the initiative could be implemented.