Martin Heraud Award

We are very proud that this Chace student has been presented with the Martin Heraud Award by the Rotary Club of Bush Hill Park. The annual award is for students who have made excellent progress through their own perseverance and sense of endeavour.  Congratulations!

Egg Babies

Our Yr12 Psychology students enjoyed bonding with their ‘egg babies’ as part of the Attachment topic, consolidating their learning of the importance of responsive and sensitive caregiver-infant interaction for healthy development. 

Trainer Day

The Student Council would like to thank Chace students and staff for their charitable contribution on the last day of the Spring term when we had “Trainer Day”. The money raised has been donated to NHS Charities together.

House of Lords

Chace A-level Politics students took part in a Q& A session with Lord Bruce of Bennachie, covering complex constitutional issues such as House of Lords reform, the voting system and Parliamentary Sovereignty.  Student questions were excellent and kept Lord Bruce on his toes.