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Well done to all the Year 13 students that have completed mock exams over the past 2 weeks. Year 11 students start their exams on the first day back in January.


Food and Christmas goodies donated by our wonderfully generous Chace students and families for the Enfield Food Bank. Special thank you to our Sixth Formers for organising the collection.


In Psychology, Year 13 students have been learning about localisation of function and hemispheric lateralisation of the brain. To embed their learning they were given the opportunity to carry out a brain dissection on a sheep’s brain and see the location of the different lobes and specific areas such as the corpus callosum and the cerebellum. In doing so they were able to apply and extend their knowledge of the different brain functions that we study in Psychology. Students enjoyed seeing the brain up close! Thank you to the Science department for supporting our students with this. 


Students in the ARC today have started to explore the Act of Remembrance with Ms Wood.  They are looking forward to participating in their joint virtual assembly with West Lea School next Wednesday. 

Extended Project Qualification

Our common room could have been mistaken for a PhD lecture theatre this afternoon as our fabulous Sixth Form presented their Extended Project Qualification research and findings. Topics included the representation of the female body in art, the problems with our current electoral system, the ethics of embryonic gene editing and the causes of encephalopathies.  Impressed?  We certainly were!