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Head Students

At the end of the Spring Term we held an election for new Head and Deputy Head students. Many congratulations to our newly elected representatives, who will lead both the 6th Form Committee and the Student Council.

Electrical Safety at Chace

Electrical Safety First, along with Enfield Council’s Fair Trading team visited Chace to advise on why fake mobile phone charging cables and plugs could be unsafe. Students were asked to bring in their chargers and plugs to have them assessed by an electrical engineer. Representatives from Samsung and Apple were also there to assess the leads and plugs to see if they were counterfeit.

• 220 students participated from all school years
• 225 leads were assessed – 98 of these failed (42 per cent)
• 92 plugs were assessed – 10 of these failed (21.7 per cent)
• 16 items were found to be counterfeit (4.89 per cent)

All plugs and chargers that were found to be unsafe or counterfeit were replaced with new genuine items. Many thanks to Electrical Safety First, the engineers and of course, the enthusiastic students for participating. To find out more about electrical safety, go to and if you have concerns about items you’ve bought, you can contact Citizens Advice #TradingStandards #Electricals #Safety

Bake Sale for Crisis UK

Students from 7LCH made an amazing effort selling their beautifully made cakes at the charity bake sale which they initiated. They were filled with enthusiasm and managed to raise £153.18 in under 60 minutes! Well done 7LCH.

Electronics workshop

On 2nd April, Nico Chen and Arina Al Rhosky (scientists from the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at University College London) delivered a STEM Metabolight workshop at Chace – using basic electronic components such as breadboards, switches and LEDs. Students had the opportunity to participate in a non-invasive method of monitoring brain activities while solving basic arithmetic problems.

Year 9 Drama Festival

On Thursday 21st March a large number of students took part in the Year 9 Drama Festival; an evening that showcased some of the outstanding talent and dedication from Chace Drama students. The event, organised by the Drama department, welcomed an audience of friends, family and members of staff raising money for the Trussell Trust food bank. Congratulations to all involved!


We were very impressed by all the performances. We were also pleasantly surprised to see the different emotions shown and particularly enjoyed hearing the different accents. Great work! Gina & Bambos (Zoe’s parents)