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Chace Digital Eagles

In collaboration with Barclays Digital Eagles, three students have been selected to become Chace Digital Eagles.  The shared objective is to empower communities to become digitally savvy whilst staying safe online.

Three Chace students recently went to Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf to complete a digital safety workshop, called “Train the Trainer”.  The workshop provided our students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to share their new digital skills with our teachers, parents and fellow pupils.

Their first major presentation will be held before governors’ at the Annual Governors’ Conference 2017 at the Dugdale in Enfield Town on Monday 16th October.

Girls Futsal

Well done to the under 14’s girls futsal team. They beat Highlands in the borough round of the tournament and went on to represent Enfield at the regional round where they won the tournament. They then won the London Regional stage of the competition and will be representing London in the FA National Youth Futsal Festival. The competition is due to take place on the 24 June in Birmingham. Good luck girls!

Physics club taking off

This week during Physics club, the students went outside and launched rockets that they had designed out of card to see whose design went farthest. This tested their design skills as well as incorporating maths by working out the best angle to launch their rocket from.

British Red Cross Workshops

The British Red Cross visited Year 9 last week, leading sessions on the stigma surrounding refugees and immigration.  The aim was to develop an understanding of how it can be if you are stigmatised for any reason, but especially as a refugee. The British Red Cross workers commented on the welcome given by staff and students alike.