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A Level Photography

On 23rd January a group of year 12 & 13 students had the opportunity to meet the artist Olivia Rose. Students learnt about her artistic practice and discussed her portraits in a Q&A session. This was a great opportunity for them to learn a whole new range of photographic methods. 

Mental Health Awareness

The Chace Student Council were delighted to host Pareece Rose Sandiford, a programme facilitator from WE Schools Team London. The meeting was very productive and the council decided to make Mental Health awareness a focus for the rest of the academic year. #ChaceStudentCouncil #WEmovement

Street Doctors

Year 10 and 11 students took part in a session with the charity ‘Street Doctors’ to learn invaluable first aid skills. The session provided a safe space to discuss the issue of violent crime in London and empowered them to become life savers in their own communities.

Theatre trip ‘Scenes with Girls’

Drama GCSE and A level students went on a trip to The Royal Court to see ‘Scenes with Girls’, a brand new play.
“It was really interesting to watch and the acting was amazing. The set was unique!” Ebony, Year 12.

“Very enjoyable play with a really interesting set and seating arrangement. Great writing and performance!” Julia, Year 12.

Careers Assembly

Chace Careers Week: Did you know that only a third of the NHS employees are doctors and nurses?  Year 7 were visited today by the Royal Free Trust to find out about the range of careers available within the health sector.

Geotechnical Engineering

Students attended a workshop on Geotechnical Engineering and site investigation, including drilling boreholes within the school grounds to design foundations for a new school building.  Huge thanks to @GEA_Ltd and @OaklandSI2 for supporting our Careers Week event.