Curriculum Subjects & Information

These booklets have been produced to inform you about the content of the whole of the KS3/4 curriculums over the coming years. It is also meant to guide you to various resources that can provide extra support within each subject area.
These booklets will not be re-issued each year although you will be notified of any changes to the course details. They should be used in addition to information provided in lessons and at homework clubs by subject teachers.
You may also find that there are other useful internet sites and textbooks that can support you/your child’s learning. Further reading and study will improve the quality of work produced by students and therefore the levels they attain at the end of the Key Stage.
We hope that you will find these information booklets useful. If you would like to clarify or discuss any of the details contained in them, please contact the appropriate Head of Department or speak to your son’s/daughter’s subject teacher.

KS3 Curriculum Information 2018-2021
KS4 Curriculum Information 2018-2020
Sixth Form Prospectus 2017-2018