School re-opening September 2020

In all of the planning we have aimed to follow the Government
Guidelines and to maintain the following principles

All students to return to a full curriculum entitlement

All members of the community and their families to fully engage in the national testing and track and trace procedures

Maintaining good hygiene and cleaning routines in school

Ensuring staff socially distance from each other and students whenever possible, avoiding close contact

Reducing movement around school

Encouraging students to socially distance when possible, keeping children in year group bubbles

Start of Term arrangements & Induction

Monday 7 September

Year 11 - 8.30am to 2.50pm entering and exiting the main gate on Churchbury Road

Year 9 - 8.40am to 3.00pm entering and exiting the side gate on Tenniswood Road

Tuesday 8 September

Year 8 - 8.50am to 3.10pm entering and exiting the main gate on Churchbury Road

Year 10 - 8.40am to 3.00pm entering and exiting the side gate on Tenniswood Road

Wednesday 9 September

Year 7 - 8.50am to 3.10pm entering and exiting the main gate on Churchbury Road

Year 12 - 8.30am to 1.20pm entering and exiting from the main school entrance

Thursday 10 September

Year 7 - 8.50am to 3.10pm entering and exiting the main gate on Churchbury Road

Year 13 - 8.30am to 2.50pm entering and exiting the side gate on Tenniswood Road

Friday 11 September and onwards

All students in school using the same times and entrances as above,

except Year 12 who will have full days of learning from 8.30am to 2.50pm.

School Day

We have made a number of temporary changes to our timetable and school day to restrict movement around the school and to keep year group bubbles apart by staggering break, lunch,  start and end times. Students where possible will have double lessons.


All students are expected to attend full time unless they are unwell or their household is isolating in accordance with government guidance. Parents/carers should keep children at home if they or a member of their household has flu-like symptoms – pupils should not return until they have been tested and self-isolated as
directed by NHS 111 or GP practice.


Assemblies will not take place until DfE guidance changes. Assemblies will happen virtually during a registration period once a week.


To keep the community safe, it is essential that all students work together to keep the community safe.  In September we will have a limited, socially distanced relocation and each year group bubble will have their own daily 30 minute detention.

Break and Lunch Zones

Year groups bubbles will take their breaks and lunchtimes in pairs in zoned areas of the school.


Students will remain in their bubbles for the duration of the day. We will have 6 bubbles: Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11 & Post 16.


Our catering service will be reduced to begin with; students are encouraged to bring a snack and water for breaktime and only pre-prepared packed lunches will be sold at lunchtime. To see the packed lunches sold at lunch, please click here.


We have increased our cleaning regime in school including key concerns such as keyboards, banisters and door handles
Students will be encouraged to wash hands regularly and maintain good personal hygiene
Every classroom and key area will have hand sanitizer at the door and each classroom will be equipped with tissues and antiviral wipes.
We have sets of PPE in school for staff who have to be in close contact with students.

Clubs / Extended Learning

There will be no clubs or extended learning offer for the first few weeks of term. We are currently exploring what kind of clubs and support we can offer within the current restrictions and a programme will be published towards the end of September.

Entrances and Exits

We appreciate that there may still be some restrictions on public transport; if you will be dropping off and picking up your child by car, please do not park near the school gate and please be respectful of our neighbours when parking.

Students will use the following gates to enter and exit the school grounds...

Year 7 - Churchbury Lane student gate
Year 8 - Tenniswood Road gate
Year 9 - Churchbury Lane student gate
Year 10 - Churchbury Lane student gate
Year 11 - Tenniswood Road gate
Year 12 - Main entrance via car park
Year 13 - Main entrance via car park


Changes to the classroom layouts - in the majority of classrooms all students will be facing the front and will be expected to remain distanced from adults. Whenever possible, classroom doors and windows will be open at all times


We have adapted our curriculum so that resources and equipment including books are not shared between bubbles of students. It is essential that students come to school fully equipped for learning since we are unable to lend essential equipment.


Reviewing our marking policy - teachers may not be able to take in students' books. We will find alternative ways for teachers to mark the students’ work.

Moving around school

A one way system in school - to reduce contact in corridors between lessons and breaks we will be operating a one-way system throughout the building. The one way map can be found here.

Risk Assessments and Care Plans

We have continued to update our whole school risk assessment, which can be found on the school website.  We have contacted families of students with individual care plans for medical needs.  If you feel that your child is particularly vulnerable and we have not contacted you please do get in touch.

Suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19

If any member of the community or their household becomes ill with symptoms of COVID they should isolate and arrange for a test.  If a student becomes ill in school with symptoms, we will isolate the student until a parent can arrange for the student to be collected.  Students who have exhibited symptoms and any siblings will not be able to return to school for 14 days unless they have received confirmation of a negative test result.  In the case of a positive test result, parents/carers must inform the school immediately so that we can plan next steps with public health - this may include a full or partial closure of the school and return to online learning.


Uniform is expected; parents and carers are encouraged to wash school uniform as regularly as possible.
Students travelling on public transport will need to wear a face covering while travelling but should remove this when they come to school and either dispose of it carefully or if reusable, store in a sealed bag in their school bag.  At the moment, the guidance states that face coverings should not be worn in school, but we will review this if the guidance changes.

Visitors to School

We will be restricting the number of visitors to school to a minimum.  If you need to speak to a member of staff, please contact the school and we will try to find alternative ways to meet.

Calculated Grades

Enfield young people and parents / carers will be aware that the summer 2020 exam and assessment results are calculated grades based on a range of factors including centre submitted predicted grades.  The processes of coming to an agreed predicted grade included consideration of student’s assessments and work up to 17 March in each subject.

Considerable detailed work went into ensuring that the predicted grades at Enfield schools were as accurate as possible. Once grades were submitted, adjustments to grades were made by exam boards and the final calculated grades that students received in August will not necessarily reflect their Centre Assessed Grades (CAG).

If you would like any more detailed information about the grades that your son or daughter received this summer, please email with the name and the date of birth of your son/daughter.

We will aim to send you this information within fifteen working days Please submit your request no later than Friday 4 September.


Results Day 2020

Please find the attached letter regarding Year 11 results day here.
Please find the attached letter regarding Year 13 results day here.

Student Appeals

The Results and Appeals process document can be found here.

Autumn Examinations

Please find the JCQ announcement regarding the Autumn Series dates here.

Grading in 2020