Drama Trip ‘The Cane’

The Drama department took GCSE and A-Level students to see ‘The Cane’ at the Royal Court Theatre. An exciting new play by Mark Ravenhill that explored how teachers of the past had previously used the cane on students and the lasting effects this had upon them. Students were captivated by the outstanding performances by the three actors and the ever impressive and extending set used.

“… thoroughly enjoyed it. I was impressed by their dramatic skills. I’ve loved all the drama trips and look forward to the next one.” 
Alanna, Year 11
Ebony, Year 11
“…I thought it was really good. The actors impressed me with their range of emotions.”  
Lola, Year 11
“I really enjoyed ‘The Cane’ as I was extremely impressed by the actors’ performance and the tension built throughout the piece and the plot twists shocked me!” 
Kerstje, Year 11
“Found it incredible. the story line was amazing. I thought the actors skills were amazing. I’ve loved all the drama trips i have been on.” 
Zoe, Year 11
“I found it to be very entertaining! the actors displayed the characters well and i was very impressed by it!”
Nathan, Year 11.