English Department

In English you will learn


  • How writers use their skills when writing for fiction or non-fiction
  • How to read a broad range of texts and analyse for meaning
  • How to identify key linguistic and structural features and comment on the effect on the reader
  • How social and historical context impacts on our understanding of texts



  • How to structure your writing to meet the specific needs of a particular task
  • How to write for a specific audience or purpose to argue, persuade or take a viewpoint, as well as writing creatively
  • How to use a range of key linguistic and structural features for specific effect

 Mr J Holloway - Head of English Faculty

Ms N El Sayed - Assistant to Head of English (maternity leave)

Ms L McHale - Assistant to Head of English

Ms C Whyte - Assistant to Head of English

Mr J Schreuder - Media & English Teacher

Mr D Philp - English Teacher

 Ms E Clarke - English Teacher

Ms M Koker - English Teacher

Ms L Mason - English Teacher

Mr J Dewhurst  - English Teacher

Mr T Obamakin - English Teacher

Ms L Milton - English Teacher

Ms C Demir - English Teacher