Iceland Trip 2020

This year 46 Chace students and staff took off for Iceland over the February half term. Over 4 days we explored the incredible natural wonders across the south of the country. Our trip included a visit to the coastal landforms of the Southern Coast. We saw spectacular waterfalls (some of us climbed right to the top for the best views), we skated across a glacial lagoon, we ran from ‘sneaky waves’ on the black sand beaches with views of coastal pillars, stacks and arches. Another day we viewed a powerful icy waterfall called the Gullfoss and then walked the geothermal wonders, where we viewed an erupting geyser and bubbling spring pools. To end our last evening we soaked in the famous Blue Lagoon where we were able to relax our muscles, have a therapeutic silicon mud mask  and all under a ghostly sky of falling snowflakes. To top it all off we saw the magic of the Northern Lights just outside of our hotel rooms. I would like to thank the staff who have put a lot of time and energy into making this happen and also thank the students for the respect they showed to our coach drivers, our tour guide and hotel staff. A trip to be repeated in the future!