Open Evening September 2020

Welcome to Chace

Chace is an exciting place to work and learn.  We are very proud to be a successful inclusive comprehensive learning community where we aim to inspire a love of learning for all.  At Chace our signposts give us a clear sense of direction.

We share a Commitment to learning and have High expectations of all.  We believe that All can succeed and improve on the present best.  We are proud to celebrate our students’ achievements and are determined to enable our students to become responsible, independent, thoughtful adults who have Confidence and courage, enjoy the challenges of learning at Chace where Everyone is valued equally, and are prepared to be successful in their future lives.  At Chace we are aiming to be the best we can be.

We are proud that OFSTED has recognised many of our strengths and qualities and we have already begun to put plans in place to raise expectations and achievement even further. Since OFSTED’s last visits we have continued to celebrate significant improvements in our GCSE results across the school.

A warm welcome to Chace

Four walls and tomorrow inside

First impressions: A look at our uniform

An insight to our curriculum

Past and present students

A Summer School with our year 6 students


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