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Dress Code for 6th Form Students

Whilst we do not have a uniform in the Sixth Form, we do expect students to adhere to our Dress Code. The Dress Code reflects our working and learning environment and also that Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school who are in uniform.

Students must wear smart trousers, dresses or skirts. Ripped trousers of
any sorts are not permitted. Trousers must not have pockets on the side.
Skirts must be of an appropriate length. Tailored shorts are permissible in the summer.

Footwear must fasten and be secure. Sandals may be worn with a heel

Students may wear a smart blouse, shirt or plain coloured t-shirt (must
cover the waist, chest and shoulders).

Students must wear a smart jumper or cardigan (no hoodies).

Plain sweatshirts can be worn if worn with a shirt or polo shirt.

Lanyard and ID badge must be worn at all times.

No hats. Head scarves may be worn for religious reasons.

No leggings, jogging bottoms, cargo pants or denim.

Sports clothing is not permitted unless by prior arrangement.

Sports students may wear sports kits on days of practical PE. These
include black jogging bottoms and sports tops, white t-shirts.

The above is a guide; students not dressed appropriately will be sent home to change at the discretion of the Head of Sixth Form or senior leadership team.


The sixth form attendance protocol at our school encourages excellent
attendance and punctuality, as we know that there is a strong link between good attendance and good progress. Simultaneously, we support students to increasingly take responsibility for their own attendance and self-organisation to prepare them for future opportunities in education and work. Full information regarding our attendance protocol can be found here: Sixth Form Attendance Protocol

Academic Support

We aim to support every student to reach their full potential. The
following is a guide to our academic support and is indicative rather than


Academic Support Policy and procedures 2023_24