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Police Neighbourhood Link
At Chace we work closely with our Safe Schools and Safer Neighbourhood police. We value their support. Monthly CAPE meeting for Grange and Town wards are held at Chace.

Neighbourhood Link is a FREE messaging service that enables you to receive information from your Local Police and the MPS.
This is a great opportunity to receive information in relation to crime and safety in the areas you work and live.
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Police Safety Advice
Enfield Police Youth & Partnership Team 0208 345 1155 shared this practical safety advice when travelling to and from school and stressed the importance of:

Utilising busy well lit streets,
Not taking unnecessary short cuts through unlit areas.
Awareness of CHPs – Community Help point Scheme
Having a habit of travelling in groups whilst always conducting themselves appropriately.
Informing people of a journey and an anticipated arrival time etc.

Neighbourhood link
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