Safer Internet Day on 06 Feb 2018

You may have noticed in our recent bulletin a feature advising students how to gradually stop depending on social media as part of a seven-day Digital Detox. We took this message further during a recent year 7 assembly and demonstrated to students and their form tutors what positive effect it could have to make more active use of their time during the half-term break to be “offline” than to continually communicate online.

In addition, our Digital Eagle, Moska Suratgar from year 9, enlightened her audience by demonstrating how much time it would take a hacker to decode a simple password and a complex password. Judging from the brief murmurs in the background, this took most students and their form tutors by surprise.

Moska demonstrated how to create a complex password, so that users can improve the protection level of their information, whether it’s a simple login to the computer network or viewing emails.

By having a complex password, you can ensure for a safer computing experience knowing that your information is better protected. Try combining two words together, intermixed with numbers and special characters, such as £, $, %, ^ or &.

If you are wondering that those characters are called, they are: pound sign; dollar sign, percent; caret; and ampersand.