Science Faculty

In Science you will learn about:

  • How to apply a broad range of scientific concepts and knowledge to solve real life problems.
  • New and advancing technologies used in many different scientific fields.
  • A deeper understanding into the mystery of space, the human body and how elements in the universe react.
  • How to preserve natural resources that powers the type of lives we live today.

How the world around us has changed over millions of years and how living organisms have adapted to these changes.

Ms S Burt - Head of Science

Ms S Adam - 2i/c Science & KS4 Science coordinator

Mr C Achillea - KS3 Science coordinator

Ms L Wilson - KS5 Science coordinator

Ms D Allen - BTEC Science coordinator

 Mr C Maunder - Assistant Headteacher

Ms H Allen - Science Teacher

Mr G Matthews - Head of Learning

Mrs McClemont - Science Teacher

Ms S Yacoob - Science Teacher

Mr J Tambimuttu - Science Teacher

Mr O Kasumnu - Principle Science Technician

Ms A Murphy-Strachan - Science Teacher

Ms N Manning - Science Technician

Mr S Dearman - Science Technician