Sixth-Form Enrichment Opportunities

All Sixth Formers are required to complete twenty hours of voluntary service each year. This could take the form of the following:

  • Prefects – assisting in the orderly running of the school, especially at lunchtimes.
  • Form assistants – adopting a Year 7 form and helping in some some morning registration periods – taking an active interest in the wellbeing of members of the form.
  • Lesson assistants – helping a teacher in lessons – Choose a teacher you would like to work with, check your timetables. You will need to commit yourself regularly for at least a term. Experience in improving communication skills is extremely useful.
  • Head Students – these are chosen from the Year 12 student body in May of each year. They are expected to be the lead student learners and will have an excellent record in Year 12 including having been a Prefect.
  • Peer tutoring – meeting regularly with a student in order to help them with a subject that you feel particularly confident with.
  • Peer mentoring – meeting regularly with a student who is facing a particular difficulty.
  • Sixth Form Committee – students are encouraged to join the Sixth Form Committee to work alongside head students on various aspects of school life such as social events, fund raising and helping to improve the school community and environment.
  • Translating – If you speak another language you may be a valuable asset to a new student or could offer to help at parents’ evenings.
  • Volunteering in the Community – charity shops or organisations, youth work, supporting vulnerable people.
  • Extra-Curricular Clubs – there are various clubs on offer at the moment including debating, United Nations, War Hammer, Football, Yoga. These vary each term depending on student interest.