Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Chace

Student Leadership at Chace is currently made up of year councils and the student council. Currently years 7, 8 9 and 10 have year councils which are made up of two students from each form. Each year council elected two students to sit on the student council.

The year councils meet every half term and their meetings are chaired by their Heads of Learning. The student council meets every three weeks and the meetings are chaired by Mr Jones. The minutes are taken by Ms Keelan, the PA to the Headteacher.

Student Council

Student Council

The eight students who currently make up the student council are:

Lucy Brown (Year 9)
Alanna Chimonas (Year 10)
Vanshi Gunesh (Year 8)
Rene Kande (Year 10)
George Kavanagh (Year 8)
Martina Matei (Year 7)
Karm Neteru-Ntr (Year 9)
Joshua Williams (Year 7)

The council meets every 3 weeks.

The student council run four committees which work with other stakeholders to address different aspects of school life. These committees are:

Charities – Lucy and George

Rewards / praise – Rene and Karm

Environment – Joshua and Martine

Communication – Vanshi and Alannah.