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London Enfield Brewery

As a part of the BTEC Science course students have to visit a number of industries related to their Schemes of Learning. This week we have been studying Fermentation and the factors affect it, such as knowing about an enzyme’s optimal conditions which can be used to control this process.
Students were given a presentation of the chemical process of brewing beer from beginning to end. It was more complex than we expected and the Mastery Brewer had a PHD in chemistry and Biochemistry. The students viewed live culture counts of yeast through microscope and we’re able to smell and taste a non alcoholic barley liquor which is part of the whole process.
The Enefeld Brewery (old spelling for Enfield) is a unique craft beer establishment which is growing on popularity because of it’s homegrown approach and tries to reduce it’s carbon footprint by using local sources of ingredients.
An enjoyable trip despite the snow giving us a challenge to be from the venue.