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Martin Heraud Memorial Award

Congratulations to two of our Chace students, who were presented with their Martin Heraud Memorial Award last night by the Rotary Club of Bush Hill Park.  Martin Heraud, was a successful local business man and member of the Rotary Club of Bush Hill Park until his death in 1984.  This award, in his memory, aims to recognise local students who shared his personal attributes of perseverance and a sense of endeavour.  Both of these successful students managed to overcome personal adversity whilst studying at Chace and will continue to push themselves to reach their career goals in the future.

Fourth Plinth Schools Award 2018

Every year students are invited to create artworks, inspired by the commissions for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and London life.  Attached are our entries for this years competition, good luck to all.

For the winners there will be an awards ceremony at City Hall on 26 April 2018 with prizes from Cass Arts.

Chace Diner has gone green!

Phase one is under way to making our Chace environment greener. Students are now served diner on plates rather than polystyrene trays and we have purchased recycling bins for our waste. We are recycling serviettes, plastic bottles, dessert pots, drink cartons, yogurt pots and food waste.
Phase two will start after Easter!

London Enfield Brewery

As a part of the BTEC Science course students have to visit a number of industries related to their Schemes of Learning. This week we have been studying Fermentation and the factors affect it, such as knowing about an enzyme’s optimal conditions which can be used to control this process.
Students were given a presentation of the chemical process of brewing beer from beginning to end. It was more complex than we expected and the Mastery Brewer had a PHD in chemistry and Biochemistry. The students viewed live culture counts of yeast through microscope and we’re able to smell and taste a non alcoholic barley liquor which is part of the whole process.
The Enefeld Brewery (old spelling for Enfield) is a unique craft beer establishment which is growing on popularity because of it’s homegrown approach and tries to reduce it’s carbon footprint by using local sources of ingredients.
An enjoyable trip despite the snow giving us a challenge to be from the venue.

World Book Day

Chace students and staff were involved in various activities to celebrate books and reading on 1st March -World Book Day 2018. Students had to recognise which characters the staff were dressed as and used the opportunity to talk about reading! We also did, “Drop everything and read” during lesson 1. Students read their own book, were read to or read a short story on the whiteboards.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Expedition Training Day

Well done to our Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh’s award group who took part in their first taste of DofE adventure by participating in an Expedition Training day on Wednesday 21 March.
The 18 students navigated around Hertfordshire, cooked their own lunch on stoves, pitched tents and learnt some vital First Aid skills.
These skills will be valuable when they take part in their Bronze expeditions in May and June.

Safer Internet Day on 06 Feb 2018

You may have noticed in our recent bulletin a feature advising students how to gradually stop depending on social media as part of a seven-day Digital Detox. We took this message further during a recent year 7 assembly and demonstrated to students and their form tutors what positive effect it could have to make more active use of their time during the half-term break to be “offline” than to continually communicate online.

In addition, our Digital Eagle, Moska Suratgar from year 9, enlightened her audience by demonstrating how much time it would take a hacker to decode a simple password and a complex password. Judging from the brief murmurs in the background, this took most students and their form tutors by surprise.

Moska demonstrated how to create a complex password, so that users can improve the protection level of their information, whether it’s a simple login to the computer network or viewing emails.

By having a complex password, you can ensure for a safer computing experience knowing that your information is better protected. Try combining two words together, intermixed with numbers and special characters, such as £, $, %, ^ or &.

If you are wondering that those characters are called, they are: pound sign; dollar sign, percent; caret; and ampersand.

Skype an Engineer

Students in Year 9-11 who have a passion for Engineering we able to participate in a STEM event where Chace Community School skyped a Structural Engineer from Burohappold Engineers, London. Burohappold designed structures such as Tottenham Hotspurs’ stadium, the Arsenal stadium and the O2 Arena.  The students who represented Chace were interested, enthusiastic and asked brilliant questions. This was a great opportunity for students to speak to a person working in industry and ask questions that are relevant to our students.