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Chace University

A Year 10 student, led a fun, challenging and informative Chace University session today on the history of london transport, culminating in a lively formal debate on whether Crossrail should be re-named ‘The Elizabeth Line’!


Every Tuesday, our hard-working Year 11 Historians come together to revise early for their exams and focus on exam technique, as well as content.  A great atmosphere today as our hard-working Year 11 Historians sink their teeth into assessing the changes in Crime and Punishment over time.  #Chaceworkinglunch

Chace Digital Eagles

In collaboration with Barclays Digital Eagles, three students have been selected to become Chace Digital Eagles.  The shared objective is to empower communities to become digitally savvy whilst staying safe online.

Three Chace students recently went to Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf to complete a digital safety workshop, called “Train the Trainer”.  The workshop provided our students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to share their new digital skills with our teachers, parents and fellow pupils.

Their first major presentation will be held before governors’ at the Annual Governors’ Conference 2017 at the Dugdale in Enfield Town on Monday 16th October.