Chace Diner

Chace Diner

Cashless Catering

We operate a cashless catering payment system linked to the students' Oyster card primarily to ensure that the money the parent allows the child to have for purchasing lunch or a snack is used for that purpose. There are many other benefits including:

1. A daily spend limit can be put onto a child’s account to ensure that they only spend the appropriate amount each day – currently a default limit of £2.50 is placed on the card unless we receive notification. Parents can use the form below.

2. It provides a considerably quicker service and reduces queues.

3. If the child is entitled to free school meals, no-one is aware of this.

4. As there is no dinner money value stored on the card (it is held on the school computer) should the child lose the card it can be replaced with no loss of money after the time of reporting the loss.

Students should register their oyster card on our system on their first day here in September so please ensure you have applied for one and they bring it with them on that day. Our cashless catering system is linked to ‘ParentPay’, an online payment system which enables you to top up the child’s allowance to the school as well as make other payments such as trips. Parents will be sent a username and password with instructions of how to log in and top up the child’s oyster card in the first two weeks of July. We recommend a first minimum payment of £30.00.

If a child is entitled to free school meals, they will still need an oyster card as £2.30 will be added to his/her card each day so he/she can purchase a main meal and dessert/drink at lunchtime.

If you have any questions please phone the Finance Department (8352 8221) at the school.

Cashless Catering daily spend limit form