Work Experience


The Government is committed to raising the employability of young people and as part of that process most students now go out on work experience as they approach school leaving age. The aim is to help them to get a better understanding of, and be better prepared for, life in the adult workplace.

Work experience is usually for one or two weeks at an employer’s premises. The aim is for students to carry out tasks much as an employee would, but with the emphasis on learning about the job and the company.

Some students will be asked to carry out work experience as part of their course at Post 16.  However, we encourage all KS4 and KS5 students would would like to gain work experience to talk to Ms Linney who can help organise that for you over a school break.  Once we are aware of your child’s interests we will work with our local partnership with REED to help arrange a placement.

How you can help your child

  • Help them to understand that it may be hard to find a placement in a job that they are interested in for a future career. The placement doesn’t have to be in an area of particular interest to be useful. The main purpose is that they have the experience of working and dealing with different situations in an adult working environment.
  • Ask family, friends or anyone you know who may be able to offer them a placement in a type of job they would like.
  • If it is a very small company find out if the person is a sole trader. If they do not employ any staff they will not have the necessary Employers Liability Insurance in place to cover your child.
  • If it is a large company identify which part of the company they will be working in.
  • Help them to appreciate the goodwill of employers who offer the placements
  • Help them to adopt good work habits e.g. punctuality, appropriate appearance and behaviour.
  • Encourage them to have a positive approach to the placement, even if it isn’t quite what they expected.

Year 12 students will complete a one week work experience placement at the end of the academic year; we have enlisted the service of the Enfield Work Experience team run by the local authority to help students access possible placement opportunities.