School Uniform

Type Girls Boys Detail
Blazer Compulsory – Black with School Badge.
Skirt Black, white and red check kilt – Below the knee with both side buckles visible.
Trousers Black. As an alternative to the kilt – black tailored trousers not leggings, stretch material or ski pants and no hipsters or denim. If a belt is worn, it must be plain and black.
Tie School tie – plain black with red “Enfield” emblem and coloured stripe depending on year group (Current Year 7 – Yellow & Current Year 8 – Orange) with no stripes for other year groups.
Shirt Plain white shirt type only.
Pullover V-necked with red “Enfield” emblem.
Overcoat Plain black or dark colour without any decoration. A light weight black cagoule may be worn as an alternative top coat. Hooded and other sweatshirts are strictly forbidden and will be confiscated if worn to school.
Cardigan Plain black.
Socks Black,
Plain white, black or grey. If tights are worn they should be black, not leggings and upward of 30 denier.
Shoes Black leather-look lace-ups or loafers in a traditional style, without decoration. Maximum heel height is 1 inch. Boots (over the ankle), trainers, open back shoes and canvas shoes, whether black or white, are not acceptable and must not be worn to School.
Hair Hair should be of a natural colour. If hair is tied up or back, this should be with plain black or red fastenings. Long hair must be tied up for PE, Science and Technology. If scarves are worn they should be plain black.

Unisex PE Kit

Type Detail
Short Sleeve PE Top Compulsory – Black with red piping with Chace logo
Shorts or Skort Compulsory – Black with silver reflective piping
Football Socks Compulsory – Red
Trainers Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Gum Shield For Rugby
The following are optional for outdoor PE:
¼ zip tracksuit top Black with red piping with Chace logo
Tracksuit bottoms Black with silver reflective piping
Football boots For football and rugby lessons

Other Items

Only one small stud in each ear. A small safe religious symbol/artefact may be worn underneath the school shirt but should not be visible. Body adornments (piercings) are not allowed. No other jewellery is allowed and will be confiscated. Confiscated items will be returned only on the stated day of each half term.

Make-up/Nail varnish
Students should not wear make-up or nail varnish. They will be told to remove obvious make-up and nail varnish.

MP3s and other belongings of value
Valuable items of personal property should not be brought to School and will be confiscated. Return of such items will be dealt with as detailed under jewellery above.

Mobile phones
Mobile phones and electronic devices are not to be used by students on the school site.
Phones seen on the school site will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day. For persistent offenders, phone will need to be collected by a parent by appointment with Head of Learning.

The school sweatshirt is for PE only and never replaces the school pullover. Hooded and other sweatshirts are strictly forbidden.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to items brought into school which are clearly against school rules.


Uniform Suppliers

Please visit links below on where to purchase school clothing for Chace: