Religious Education Department

RE is offered at Chace at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. RE is a core subject at KS3 and 4 and becomes an A-Level option in KS5. The subject is considered integral to creating well-rounded, understanding and perceptive individuals.

In RE, we learn to think about controversial moral issues with an open mind and investigate how religions respond differently to them. We consider ultimate questions surrounding why we are here and what is our purpose. We listen to other people’s points of view to help each other come to our own decisions. We take an active part in discussions, in class groups or with guest speakers. RE encourages an enquiring and analytical mind and fosters understanding and tolerance.

RE provides an excellent foundation for a range of careers – from medicine to public service to business. Other careers that would benefit from the study of RE are careers in legal services, journalism, publishing, education, social work, politics and the media sector. Imagine how better prepared a doctor or business professional will be if they understand the culture and customs of the individuals they are treating or dealing with. Or how a broad and deep knowledge of different world faiths and beliefs can help you truly understand the context of events happening around the world.

 Ms S Manipon - Head of RE

Ms M Nathan - Head of Sociology & RE Teacher

Ms A Roper - Head of Year 10 & RE Teacher

Ms L Legg - RE Teacher & Chace Lead Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Ms E Taylor - RE Teacher

Mr J Bonner - RE Teacher

 Ms A Wiggins - RE Teacher